Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program

What is the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program?

The South Australian Government is committed to halving the gap between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people unemployment rates in the state. This includes a commitment to increasing the number of apprenticeship commencement and completion rates across trade occupations.

The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program reflects the Government’s commitment to supporting the placement of Aboriginal people in apprenticeships, traineeships and school based across South Australia. These placements will be made available in the private sector and will be targeted to industries that will provide positive long-term employment outcomes for participants.

Who can apply for the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program funding and mentoring?

Participant eligibility requires an individual to be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent over the age of 16 years and a current resident of South Australia. Mentoring and Career advice support is offered by the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program to the participants and employers during the length of a training contract.

The Program funding is open to employers who engage Aboriginal people under a form of a contract of training in either an apprenticeship, traineeship or school based activity. Please contact the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program before a Contract of Training is signed by the apprentice.

Our Aboriginal Engagement Coordinators can support you by:
• providing mentoring support and advice
• refer to other agencies/organisations i.e. Job Active, community organisations, other services
• refer to job vacancies
• assist in seeking funding from other sources
• assisting you to apply for jobs
• helping you prepare for interviews
• linking you to relevant training
• helping you to get an apprenticeship, traineeship or cadetship
• assist in organising work experience

For information regarding Aboriginal Employment Program visit http://aboriginalemploymentsa.com.au/ and for further support please contact the Aboriginal Engagement Coordinator in your region:

Adelaide Hills, Southern Adelaide
& Western Adelaide
Lesley Rachwal
Ph: 0407 394 822

Northern Adelaide
Angela Hart
Ph: 0428 112 891

Ivan Phillips
Ph: 0427 800 367

Far North & Whyalla
Kriston Thompson
Ph: 0477 307 565

Murraylands & Riverland
Ken Liddle
Ph: 0427 800 369