There are a range of state and commonwealth supports available to employer looking to employ Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Engagement Coordinators

State government Aboriginal Engagement Coordinators are located across metropolitan and regional South Australia. They provide:

  • Information and advice to employers to help you recruit Aboriginal employees
  • Information and advice to employers to help you support Aboriginal employees once they’re in employment
  • Information and advice to employers on cultural awareness training
  • Information on grants, funding and subsidies available for employing Aboriginal people

To find the your nearest Aboriginal Engagement Coordinator call 1800 627 849.

Support for Aboriginal apprentices and trainees

State and commonwealth government incentives are available for private sector employers to employ Aboriginal people apprentices and trainees. Subsidies are available depending on the length of the apprenticeship.

Intensive mentoring support is provided to participants for the duration of the contract of training and employers can also access support on cultural awareness.

To find an Aboriginal apprentice or trainee or to find out more about the incentives and support available to you call 1800 627 849.

TAFE SA Aboriginal Access Centres

Aboriginal Access Centres provide information on Aboriginal recruitment and retention as well as information about cultural, historical and contemporary issues that may assist workplace cultural awareness. The program is facilitated by Aboriginal people and is tailored to suit the employer’s needs.

Contact the Aboriginal Access Centre nearest you.