Jasmine Miller: Crossways Lutheran School, Ceduna

I am Jasmine Miller, a 22 year old Wirangu Woman for Ceduna, South Australia. I was born and raised Ceduna and have long held aspirations to be a teacher in my home town. I completed year 12 at Immanuel College in Adelaide before returning home to undertake University Studies with the Charles Darwin University via external studies.

After one year of University I lost motivation and deferred. After being away from study for one year I then found my desire again to be a teacher and re kindled my studies. At this time a was fortunate enough to find a Traineeship at the Crossway Lutheran School in Ceduna. This Traineeship (Cert 3 in Education Support) gave me exposure into the real working of a school and the life being a teacher. The Traineeship was so timely and formed a perfect match with my tertiary studies at University. The Career Employment Group and the DSD Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program made this Traineeship possible and I gained a wonderful grounding for my future career path.

I am now employed 3 days per week at the Crossways Lutheran School, Ceduna as a Lutheran Support Officer. I have 4 weeks practical in Port Lincoln at the Navigators College to complete followed by another 10 weeks at Crossways.

I will have obtained my Bachelor of Education at the end of the first term in 2016.

My future aspirations are to teach Reception to year 7 classes back in my community which has a strong Indigenous population.

Thank you for hearing my story.

For information about Aboriginal support programsĀ please contact the Skills and Employment Infoline 1800 506 266 or emailĀ WorkReady@sa.gov.au.

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