Cadetships for Aboriginal University Students

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    Are you an Aboriginal university student, interested in undertaking paid part time employment relevant to your studies in a supportive and culturally safe work environment? If so, a cadetship may suit you.

    What is a Cadetship?

    A cadetship is a minimum 12 month contract of employment during which you undertake a total of 12 weeks of paid employment. The 12 weeks can be worked in one block, one day a week plus a small block or a number of small blocks during the year. The work must be relevant to your studies, match your skills and personality and you need to be able to combine work and study.

    Financial support

    There is alternate financial support for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students who undertake a cadetship. This payment replaces Abstudy and is in addition to the wages you receive through the cadetship, potentially giving you more money. Personal circumstances of the individual should be assessed to ensure the best financial outcome.


    Our employers

    Employers we work with are committed to Aboriginal employment, retention and career development.  Should you be suited to a cadetship opportunity, that employer will support you for a minimum of 12 months and potentially up to the complete length of your study. For more information on some of our success stories visit http://aboriginalemploymentsa.com.au/employers/our-stories/


    Why do a cadetship?

    Doing a cadetship will provide you with valuable work experience, Industry contacts and knowledge which will be advantageous for you when entering the workforce upon completion of your studies.



    To register for this service you must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent and currently studying at a South Australian University.


    Expression of interest


    Please note there is no guarantee of employment and we will only contact you if there is a relevant cadetship available.

    Cadetship - Expression of interest

    This form is used by applicants who would like to register their interest in a cadetship
    • eg Bachelor of Commerce; Graduate Diploma in Psychological Studies; Masters of Science
    • eg the name of the other qualification and how far into that qualification you are
    • eg human resources, consulting, policy writing, accounting, finance, business analyst
    • By submitting your resume/CV we will be better able to match you with an employer.
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