Public Sector Aboriginal Employment Career Pathways

Career Pathways Forum discussionIncreasing participation of Aboriginal people in the South Australian Public Sector is the key motivator for this project. The project links directly to the SASP Target 53 which aims to increase the number of Aboriginal people across all classifications and agencies to 2% by 2014 and maintain or better those levels by 2020. This target acknowledges that leadership, advancement opportunities and professional development within and across the public sector are not always equitable for Aboriginal employees.

As part of this 90 day project a Public Sector Aboriginal Employment Career Pathways Forum was held at The Mecure on North Terrace on Wednesday 3 June.

Over 150 Aboriginal employees from across a variety of state government departments attended the event which ran from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Career Pathways Forum group discussionThe purpose of the Forum was to:

  • to engage and consult with Aboriginal employees
  • to encourage and support Aboriginal employees to be active participants in their individual career pathways
  • generate ideas for problem solving and develop solutions to mitigate and overcome any issues/challenges and contribute towards the co-design of solutions to be extracted from lived experiences
  • that the work of the project team is subjected to rigour to ensure its outcomes are credible and relevant to the aspirations of Aboriginal employees (as the end user).

Career Pathways Forum participationThe Forum was an opportunity for Aboriginal employees to discuss and share experiences and opportunities for individual, departmental and whole of government activities that could assist in providing career pathways for aboriginal employees within government.

The project team are now sifting through and analysing the huge volume of information and ideas provided at the Forum.

Feedback from a recent survey will also contribute and add value to the recommendations being considered.

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